Friday, September 26, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Tonight, we were. Miss M participated in her school's cheerleading camp this past week. She received a t-shirt and a free pass to the football game so that the little ones could show off their cheers at halftime. It was a beautiful night for football, and it brought back fond memories of Friday nights spent at Valley stadium marching in the band and cheering on the Tigers. It was nice not to be wearing the wool band uniform, and it would have been nicer if our side had scored a point or two to offset the 54 scored by the other team in the first half alone. There is apparently not a mercy rule in high school football. Perhaps there should be.

M & N have now settled in for the night (I hope!) in tents in the living room for a camp out. I was invited to join, and did for a bit, but a night spent sleeping on the floor doesn't quite hold the appeal it once does, so I snuck back into my room and my comfortable bed.

(Pictures to follow)

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Mark, Jennifer, Maeve, and Jorja said...

Hi! I haven't been on our computer for a while, and just am now seeing that you have a blog! That's great. I always enjoy checking to see what everyone is up to -- especially when we don't get to see everyone so often.

Busy weekend up here, with a the Octemberfest. Mom was up yesterday and we took down some more wallpaper. This time in the bathroom. However, now I am not sure what I am going to put up. She wanted to do it, so I said sure!

Hope things are going well. Talk to you soon!